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Industrial Rope Access is a proven method of achieving a safe work position at height or in areas of difficult access.

Rope Access Benefits:
  • Reduce costs – at least 40% cheaper than using traditional access methods.
  • Reduce time – mobilisation and demobilisation are
  • generally undertaken within an hour.
  • Increase efficiency – Minimum site disruption
  • Proven to be the safest means of access in the world

Rope Access

Our Aerial Survey Division operate industry-leading Small Unmanned Aircraft (SUA) with regards to payload, software and above all safety.

Our pilots are Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) certified and processing/analytical personnel are also professionally certified.

Operation of non-destructive testing (NDT) with CSWIP accredited inspection staff, internal SUA Inspection, Thermographic Inspection, Ultrasonic Thickness testing and Precision Inspection GVI/CVI are available.

Aerial Survey Division

All types of Painting, Paint Spraying, Shot Blasting, High Pressure Water Blasting, UHP and application of specialised coating systems and Fire-Protection services.

Surface preparation, restoration and industrial painting services are available for structural steelwork, bridges, cranes, jetties and other offshore structures, as well as tank farms and petrochemical sites.

Where appropriate Total Solutions Direct Limited has the ability to meet all containment, cleaning, surface preparation and painting requirements. External coatings systems are provided for all kinds of tanks, vessels and pipeline systems.

Painting & Blasting

Total Solutions Direct Ltd provide inspection and Non-destructive Testing (NDT) primarily to the petrochemical, offshore, engineering and construction sectors. We combine quality and safety with experienced management and advanced technical expertise to offer a complete service to industry.

Non-destructive Testing is the branch of engineering concerned with all methods of detecting and evaluating flaws in materials. Flaws can affect the service ability of the material or structure, so NDT is important in guaranteeing safe operation as well as quality control and assessing plant life. The flaws may be cracks or inclusions in welds and castings, or variations in structural properties that can lead to loss of strength or failure in service. The essential feature of NDT is that the test process itself produces no deleterious effects on the material or structure under test.

Rope access techniques are the perfect means of access for inspection. To inspect items / structures that are inaccessible by any other solution, or merely provide a much more cost-effective means of inspection.


Total Solutions has a vast amount of experience in working with all commercially available insulation materials. Fully trained and accredited operatives handle, install, test and remove of all types of insulation medium. Experience has been gained both on and offshore, in petrochemical, oil and gas, nuclear, power, and chemical industries. This experience covers most types of thermal insulation, cryogenic, acoustic, sheet metal fabrication, fire protection cladding, asbestos sampling and removal.

Our operatives are not only skilled in their own trade but are qualified rope access technicians giving total solutions the advantage of fast response with great financial savings over other traditional methods of access to high or difficult locations. Our teams are assembled with particular attention to application and are specialised in industrial storm damage limitation and repairs.


Cleaning & Maintenance

TSDL offer specialist working at height consultancy and business advice. TSDL Management offer consultation and implementation of working procedures, training, safety legislation etc.
Packages that TSDL can offer include:
• Initial Consultation
• Development of working procedures
• Project management
• Supply of Safety Supervisors
• Back-up Support Service


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