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What is Industrial Rope Access?

gallery_007Industrial Rope Access is a proven method of achieving a safe work position at height or in areas of difficult access.

It was initially developed from techniques used in caving to answer the need for a simple, safe and adaptable means of access with it’s first large scale use being for inspections on the oil and gas platforms of the North Sea. As it’s value as a work solution grew, rope access has developed onshore where it is to be seen undertaking all manner of work from Petrochemical inspections, Industrial cleaning and general maintenance to repair, Geotechnical and Inspection work on some of the world’s most iconic structures. Total Solutions provide clients with detailed method statements for any operation involving rope access. By identifying potential hazards and through effective risk management IRATA companies can produce a safe system of work. This progressive and proactive stance has led to documented accident rates being low in comparison to other access industries.

How We Can Help

gallery_010A wide variety of tasks can be undertaken by our teams, who have had special training in rope access techniques in addition to their discipline skills.

No compromise is made to the quality or qualifications to our personnel ‘on the rope’. The result is a very flexible, efficient and cost effective service for workscopes which would traditionally have access costs as a significant proportion of the budget. Our service causes the minimum of disruption and means our multi-disciplined technicians are able to access almost any location by ascending, descending and or traversing a rope. Most large structures from offices blocks to vessel in refinery’s can be accessed. Other examples include bridges, dams, chimneys, vent stacks, communication towers, storage tanks, pressure vessels, process plant and the like.

Our Method

  • Modern, safe and cost effective
  • Minimum disruption on site
  • Incorporate double back-up safety system
  • Proven in over 34 years and 23 Million man hours of operations
  • Fully recognised by Health and Safety Authorities (BS7985)
  • Audited via IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) Membership
  • Teams fully trained to IRATA International standard
  • Supported by our specialist in-House training centre
  • Unique equipment including WPN (Work positioning nets WPDN (Work Positioning Decking System) to increase capability and productivity

What We Can Offer

  • Visual Inspection, Defect mapping and safety surveys
  • MPI, DPI, Ultrasonics and Eddy Current
  • Concrete Inspection, testing and coring
  • Video and CCTV survey
  • Structural and Dimensional Surveys
  • Geotechnical
  • Fire Protection
  • Blasting / Spraying
  • UHP
  • Electrical / Ex Maintenance
  • Welding / Fabrication
  • Cladding
  • Insulation
  • Industrial cleaning
  • Fall arrest netting
  • Bird prevention / debris netting

Meet The Directors

Kevin McAskill, our Managing Director has an extensive background in the Rope Access Industry. As one of the first ever Rope Access Technicians Kevin began his career in 1982 working on various oil platforms gaining experience within many different trades. By 1988 Kevin gained his Rope Access level 3 qualification which led him to become a Project Engineer for Rig blast. Kevins determination and expertise led him to become the owner of Total Solutions in 2008, where he has built a well known and successful Rope Access company.


Mick Flaherty, a well know expert in Rope Access Fabric Maintenance brings over 28 years industry experience on a global scale. Mick’s journey in Rope Access began in 2002 with his entrepreneurial journey starting the following year that lead to 5 other IRATA Operator/Trainer company start-up’s with 3 successful acquisitions including one in Dubai. During this 15-year journey Mick spent many years involved in complex Rope Access projects accumulating his level of Rope Access hands on awareness gaining his IRATA Level 3. Mick has returned to his roots were he and Kevin formed TSDL together back in 2008 as business partners. Only exciting times ahead with the vast combination of global network and experience.

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